June 15, 2020

This past weekend we hosted Bali’s World Oceans Day. Together, with the support of our friends at Indosole, we celebrated a three day gathering of friends, family and guests from afar. Our love and appreciation for the ocean speaks volumes with not only our commitment to ensuring the way we act is setting the right tone amongst the community, but we have the most amount of fun on the shores out front.

We commissioned international artist Bapak Moana to curate hand crafted art frames placed in key areas of the venue. We let folks interpret the ocean’s beauty in their own way. After growing up in the deep blue, Bapak Moana travelled the world from the deepest underground canyons, to the cold arctic circle. He sought refuge by deserted tropical islands and wandered through the Red Sea. He’s seen the biggest and most dangerous of seas and played host to billions. He’s been everywhere and literally is everywhere. He’s as old as our Mother Earth. Thank you Bapak Moana

We jumped in the sea for an open ocean swim with Olympic Gold Medallist Michael Klim, and topped the weekend showcasing the 80’s classic Jaws on the big screen for what was an all-round fun event had by all.




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