LAWN LOVES Community

June 15, 2020

Bali has always been home to us and also those very places that speaks community. Of course, we can’t ignore about the community and what has been recently taking place on our home island and we’ve always placed a high importance on it. Here, we share our story of how we support on what is around us.

As a community, we are proud to live by the ocean, we take pride in our beaches and we will protect the ocean by continuing to use renewable resources, reducing waste and supporting causes that align with these values. We know that by taking care of our island, not only makes this a better place to live, but makes the environment around us much healthier and more magnificent.




We are loyal to where we live, and from this, we take action. We organize a beach clean-up every Sunday to help tidy it and to get people to get together and have the opportunity to make a change. Organizing bags, tongs, and gloves, we tided and cleaned up the sins and the products of humanity that is being left around on the sand or near the coral shores. Inviting those as well to take part in supporting the environment of our island as well as inspiring others to give back as well, we appreciate the spirit of togetherness that will holistically change Bali for the better.

These beach clean-ups can be seen as beneficial to strengthen the community of Bali and the relationship we have with our environment, but also importantly awareness for people to stop and reflect and cherish on where they are and where they live.


We want everyone to know that we support the people who are in the community of Bali and those who make this island for what it is beautiful and vibrant. Most importantly, we would love to inspire more and more people here and even globally around the world to recognize and be a part of the community.




Come join us at The Lawn every Sunday at 8am and be a part of the diverse community of Bali.